Alora’s Birthday

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Alora is 1!

Yes, I’ve been slacking. Here are some videos leading up to Alora’s big birthday. She’s been walking for a couple of months now and is talking all the time. We don’t know what she’s saying yet, but she’s a social little bean.

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This year we had Easter at Grammi Lori’s house. It was a lot of fun and all the family were there (except, of course, the Ohio Leggs). Maddie & Nora had fun hunting Easter eggs, and Stella joined in the fun as well. Enjoy the video. It’s a long one, but Daddy did a great job with the editing.

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The 4 Month Video is Here!

We finally got the video finished for Alora’s fourth month. She started talking more, went to her first tea party for Aunt Beth’s birthday, and discovered that her mom is crazy. Enjoy!

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Alora’s First Easter & Kel’s 25th


Alora’s first Easter was celebrated right along with my 25th birthday. We had my family and Nate’s family over to Mom & Larry’s for Easter dinner. We missed Russ & Jackie and the boys. Hopefully, we won’t have too many more years without them. Grandma Jeni bought Alora the cutest little Easter dress, which was nice because then I didn’t have to worry about it.


For my birthday Nate got me 2 dozen red and white roses and a beautiful red vase.

easter1.jpg easter2.jpg easter4.jpg easter5.jpg


Alora’s first Easter was very tiring. She had three Legg girls to keep up with.

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4 Months Old

Alora turns 4 months this Friday and she’s still on track for the “World’s Most Perfect Baby” award. She sleeps through the night, cuddles when you want to cuddle, plays when you need to put her down, and often rolls over when she doesn’t want to be on her tummy.
Her first Easter is this Sunday, and while I know she won’t really know what it’s all about, the new mommy side of me still wants to make her an Easter basket filled with fun things. We’ll be spending the day with her Grandparents and Uncle’s JD & Kris. Uncle Bill & Aunt Beth might make it up with Maddie, Nora & Stella. No matter whose there, I’m sure she will be passed around, loved and given all the attention any daughter of ours may need.
Visiting Grandma Jeni at work.
The newest 49ers fan of the family.
blog1.jpg blog6.jpg
Look who found her thumb…
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The wedding of Jamie Smith (the genius behind our wedding cake 4 years ago), happened Friday night. It was Alora’s first wedding and we dressed her up in the pretty red dress that belonged to her cousin, Nora.
wedding1.jpg    wedding3.jpg     wedding4.jpg    wedding5.jpg
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Alora’s First Christmas

Alora slept through a lot of her first Christmas, but everyone had so much fun holding her…and buying her presents. She got toys and music from Grammi Lori, her nursery decorations from Gramma Jeni, and a big cougar bear from Grandpa. She got so many Christmas ornaments so her tree will be even prettier next year.


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The Most Beautiful Baby


Madeline has turned out to be a wonderful cousin. She helps take care of Alora whenever she’s around.

alora-w-bear.jpg sleepy-bean.jpg happy-baby.jpg with-grammi.jpg
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